Prevent Treat Cure

Create or Join a Team

This looks like a full page of instructions – but a lot of the process is intuitive. This page should help answer everyone’s questions by walking them through the process step-by-step.

There are two types of teams.

  • Race teams are groups of runners/walkers that participate in the event together.
  • Fundraiser teams are groups whose primary goal is to raise funds to support the Lung Cancer Research Council. Your team members don’t have to participate in the Nov. Run/Walk – they can simply raise funds that go towards gaining your team recognition! But we hope that those that can, do come out to participate!

LCRC-icon-onlyNOTE: if you are setting up a Fundraising Team – go through the signup process for just yourself first. Then if you want to sign up others to your team (like your family) – log back in and sign them up. That will assure that the name of your fundraising team is in all the dropdown lists.

Follow the steps below to join or create a race team and a fundraiser team:
(to create a fundraiser team only, visit the Donate page and click on “Become a Fundraiser”)

  1. Go to and click on “Run / Walk Sign-Up.”
  2. Enter your information and put a check mark in the box beside event you wish to register for – even if you do not plan to come to the event.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. If you wish to register another person, click “Add Another Registrant.”
    1. Enter the information of the other person.  You can add as many people as you like.
    2. If you change your mind about adding another Registrant, click on the “x” to the right of  “Registrant #” to cancel it.
    3. NOTE: Most people will be able to type in the date of birth.  If you have a list of dates to choose from, select the month, day and year then click on the check mark at the bottom.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Check mark the box to agree to the waiver and click Continue.
  7. Choose a t-shirt size and answer the additional question, then click Continue.
  8. If you wish to make an additional donation, choose a donation amount or enter the amount in the “Other Amount” box.
  9. If applicable, choose how you wish to be recognized for your donation. (“On Behalf Of”)
    1. To join a fundraising team, select the team’s name from the drop-down list.
  11. CREATING A FUNDRAISING TEAM and be the team ‘captain’:
    1. To create a fundraising team, Select the drop-down box below “Select a Fundraiser.”
    2. Click on “(New Fundraiser”)
    3. Click Continue.
    4. Click “Become a Fundraiser.”
    5. Enter a goal for your fundraising Team.
    6. Enter a name in for your team in “Fundraiser Page URL.”  Write down this address.  You will use it to check your team’s progress and to invite others to join your team.
    7. While on this screen, you may also enter a message for anyone who views your fundraiser team page and add an image.
    8. Skip to the bottom, and click “Continue.”
  12. If you wish to also order a memorial sign for the Mile of Memories or a Corporate Support sign, please enter the quantity you wish to purchase and add the necessary information.
  13. Click Continue.
  14. Review your information and click “Confirm Payment” to proceed to check-out.