Prevent Treat Cure

Memorial & Corporate Signs

Ordering a Sign to Display at Your Business

Corporate Signs

When you purchase a corporate sign, you are showing the community that you support  the mission to advance lung cancer awareness, accelerate research and improve outcomes for lung cancer patients! These signs are purchased as a pair: one is displayed along the Mile of Memories walking path and other events – the second goes to YOU to display at your business for the year. To purchase a corporate sign, complete the form below.  Put in your company’s name exactly as you would like it to display.

Memorial Signs

Honor a friend or loved one who has succumbed to lung cancer. When you purchase a sign, we display it along the Mile of Memories walking path. We also display them throughout the year at select events to honor your support and your honoree.  You can now purchase a sign for 2016! Only $25, complete the form below to designate your sign; one name per sign.

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